Traditional powder grinding method is dry grinding mill,most of the products on the powder market didn’t have high requirements for powder’s particle size, dry grinding mill can meet the powder’s requirements. With industrial development these years, nano-grade particle size powder is needed in the market urgently. How to produce nano-grade powder become a key point for powder manufacturing factories. Wet grinding mill developed in such situation.

Wet grinding mill is the most effective and economical method to produce super fine powder. Compared to dry grinding mill, wet grinding mill use water as medium for grinding, the water itself has a certain degree of grinding aid, and the powder is easy to disperse during wet grinding, and the density of water is higher than that of air, which is beneficial for fine classification. The ultra-fine grinding process has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, fine product particle size, and narrow particle size distribution.Wet  grinding mill has higher efficiency and lower energy consumption per unit product than dry grinding mill.

In practice,if the wet grinding production line is built close to the user, it can be directly delivered to the user through a pipeline or tank; if it is far away, the concentrated slurry will be dried and dehydrated, and then depolymerized and packaging.


The above picture is a typical heavy calcium carbonate wet   grinding process. The raw materials are adjusted to a certain concentration or solid-to-liquid ratio slurry by adding water and dispersant through the mixing drum 1 and then fed into the batching tank 2 by the transfer pump 3 is pumped into the buffer tank 4, and then the feed pump 5 is pumped into 6 for wet grinding. The ground slurry enters the storage slurry and passes through the vibrating screen 7 for filtration. After the filtration, it enters the intermediate tank 8 and then passes through the transfer pump. 9 Pump into the finished product tank. 10. If the production line is built near or close to the user, it can be directly delivered to the user by pipeline or tank. If it is far away, the slurry is dewatered, then broken up and packaged.

This is the whole working process of wet grinding equipment. For more information about wet grinding mill please click here: