What Is Putty Powder?
Used Putty Powder Making Machine Available.
Putty powder is a kind of building decoration materials, the main components are calcium carbonate powder and cement.Calcium carbonate powder is made of calcite and limestone, use grinding mill to grind calcite and limestones to get calcium carbonate powder.
A layer of white putty on the surface of the newly purchased rough house, usually the whiteness of the putty is above 90 and the fineness is above 330.
Putty is a kind of base material used for wall repair and leveling, which lays a good foundation for the next decoration (painting and wallpapering).
Putty is divided into two types: interior wall and exterior wall. The exterior wall putty has to resist wind and sun, so it has high adhesiveness, high strength, and slightly lower environmental protection index. The internal wall putty has a good comprehensive index, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, so the internal wall is not for external use, and the external wall is not for internal use.
The putty powder production equipment is controlled by bucket elevator, horizontal mixer (optional non-gravity mixer, coulter mixer), working platform, storage tank, discharger, bag filter, automatic packaging machine and electrical appliances Device composition.
Horizontal double-shaft paddle mixers are widely used for mixing in the production process of putty powder. At present, domestic horizontal mixers have been developed and developed in the direction of high mixing accuracy, fast speed, small residual amount, low consumption and high efficiency, serialization and wide application range. Among them, the development of biaxial blade horizontal mixers is particularly rapid. .
After testing the performance of the series of double-shaft paddle mixers in China and abroad, the conclusion is as follows: the double-shaft paddle mixer has strong mixing capacity and fast speed (generally compound feed, the batch mixing period is 30~120S). The mixing uniformity is high, the residual amount is small (only about 0.5%), the energy consumption is low, and the application range is wide.
Advantages of the double-shaft paddle mixer:during the mixing operation, it is not affected by the density, particle size, shape, etc. of the material, and does not produce segregation and classification. When the powder ratio is as small as 1:10000, or the liquid addition amount is up to 20% .In the above, uniform mixing can also be ensured. Moreover, the mixing process is gentle and does not destroy the original physical properties of the material. Its energy consumption per ton is about 64% lower than that of a ribbon mixer, and its mixing uniformity variation coefficient CV<5%, the best can reach 3% or less. Here are two horizontal double-blade putty powder mixers. They come from one of our customer’s factories, one of the large domestic putty powder manufacturers. Due to the high demand for putty powder in the market this year, this customer added Two large-capacity putty powder production lines, so these two horizontal double-shaft paddle mixers were left unused, both of them were improved machines , with bags filter system and feeding ports. The production capacity is stable--about 5 tons per hour, and the two machines contain the following equipments: Item Name QTY. Unit Specs Remark 1 Mixer tank 2 Set Horizontal, 3 m³ With tank bracket 2 Motor for mixer 2 Set Grade 4 15KW 3 Packing machine 2 Set Impeller Power:4KW,Grade 6 4 Dust collector 2 Set Box type Induced draft fan power 2.2KW