Calcium carbonate is widely used in our daily life, calcium carbonate powder was used for paint,paper,plastic,ink and so on.

Calcium carbonate powder can be made of calcite, limestone,dolomite and so on. According to different production methods, calcium carbonate can be divided in to ground calcium,precipitated calcium carbonate.

What Is Calcium Carbonate

Four Uses of Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate Production Process

Ground calcium carbonate is also called known as heavy calcium carbonate,it is made by mechanical methods (using grinding mills such as roller mill or other high-pressure grinding mills) to directly crush natural calcite, limestone, chalk, shells, etc. Ground calcium carbonate can be made into different particle sizes according to different usage requires.



Precipitated calcium carbonate is made by calcined limestone and other raw materials to produce lime (the main component is calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, and then add water to digest the lime to produce milk of lime (the main component is calcium hydroxide). Then the carbon dioxide is introduced to carbonize the lime milk to form calcium carbonate precipitation, which is finally obtained by dehydration, drying and pulverization. Precipiated calcium carbonate is widely used for paper ,rubber and platic industry.



What is calcium carbonate’s usage?

  1. Calcium carbonate often used for paint: it can increase the powdering rate and spraying area of the paint; it acts as a skeleton to increase the thickness of the paint film and improve the wear resistance and durability of the coating;besides, it is white powder, it can mix with titanium dioxide, reduce the cost of paint.
  2. Calcium carbonate is usually used for plastic: Improve the dimensional stability of plastic products; increase the hardness and rigidity of plastic products; improve plastic processing performance; reduce the cost of plastic products.

3.Calcium carbonate is widely used for paper: It can improve the brightness, impermeability, porosity and bulk density of paper.

4.Calcium carbonate is always used for rubber industry: Increase rubber volume and reduce product cost.


How to make calcium carbonate?

Ground calcium carbonate’s production line takes 95% of calcium carbonate powder production line.

Ground calcium carbonate is mainly made of calcite,China has a lot of calcite mine, at first, caclite get from mine, then washing and selecting, the most important process is grinding: factories used different kind of grinding mills,such as  raymond mill, ball mill and so on, but finally roller mill is the best grinding mill for calcium carbonate powder manufacturing. Because raymond mill can’t produce super fine powder such as particle size less than 10 micron; ball mill taks big volume of the workship, power consumption is big, wearing spares such as ginding ball cost a lot. Compare to them, roller mill can produce powder from 325 mesh to 3000 mesh, power consumption is less and wearing spares can use in long time, easy to operate and nearly automatic production line’ Calcite granulars after grinded by roller grinding mill, it will become powder, according to different usages, powder’s particle size can be adjusted to be different.

Roller mill production line for calcium carbonate:

  1. Raw materials bin    2.Screw conveyor feeder    3. Roller grinding mill       4.Deduster        5. Air blow


Roller mill technical parameters:

Requirements of Minerals


Calcium carbonate


ferric oxide


magnesium oxide


silicon oxide


Mosh hardness


Feed material size


Feed material moisture







System name


Installed capacity


Feed system


Roller mill system


Classifying system


Dust collecting system


assistance system


Total power





Equipment model


Product specification


Operation mode





Anuual capacity




LYHM-930X D97=8-8.5um(1500mesh)Unit equipment continuous producing2-2.5t/h1.44-1.874-92




  1. Anuual capacity is base on equipment works 7200hrs/Year.
  2. The hardness/moisture/feed material size and other factors will influence the output.
  3. Fineness detection method: test machine Liaoning Dangdong BAITE9300ST, R-R detection mode.










Calcium carbonate is so important in our daily life, more and more factories developed calcium carbonate production line by using roller mill for ground calcium carbonate manufacturing.