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Vertical Mill Machine

YFLM1200 is a new set, which is studied by many years, the whole includes the grinding powder, classifier, modified and pneumatic transmission, in accordance with grain bed theory to grinding the material, which can reduce the wear between metals, then increase the powder whiteness.

The grinding is high efficiency and lower consumption, because we use the cyclic air grinding and the internal high efficient classifier, we also use the pneumatic transmission to transmit the product, it’s convenient and easy to operation and control. The whole set lines are simple, high output, good seal, environmental protection.

It’s easy to control the product quality and more convenience to exchange the product. It’s intelligent and automatic. It’s widely used in producing the limestone, calcite, dolomite, talc, barite, wollastonite, brucite, Calcium hydroxide, gypsum, coking coal, slag, phosphate etc.



Project design information

Design Scheme: this vertical mill is used to the non-metallic mineral grinding. Its capacity of CaCO3 is 3-14 tons/hours. 24 hours every day, three shifts operation, 8 hours every shift. The product fineness: Specific surface area 14000 cm2/g, average grain diameter: D50=3um, D97=21um.

Operation principle and Service aim: Yifeng company is always based on the operation principle of “Success builds on integrity, efforts will eventually return” which offer the high quality and best price, It received vast customers’ trust and praise by good quality, high performance, and good service. We also offer the full technical guidance to make the best profit for our customers.

Economic and technical norms:
Production Quality: produce the highest level micro powder of the non-metallic mineral.
Production Environment: Dust concentration≤5mg/m3
Recovery rate of micro powder≥95%
Total installed capacity: 580KW
This plant needs to be installed indoor, Floor Area: 630m2
Warehouse Area: about 2000 m2
Height of factory: 18m

YFM Series vertical mill is main including : motor, decelerator ,grinding rollers,pressure device,classifier,main unit and oil station etc., it has realized that grinding powder,classifier and transmission can be finished together, the technical index of technology parameter, mechanical property and the powder quality are the same level of Taiwan’s machines.

 Vertical Mill Machine 2

Working principle.

The main unit of vertical mill is driven by decelerator, then take the grinding plate’s rotation, grinding rollers follow grinding plate for the friction,materials pass the feeder valve, first feeder conveyor, second feeder conveyor to the grinding plate’s center, with the centrifugal force,materials move to the edge of grinding plate,when reach the grinding track,the materials are grinded between grinding roller and grinding plate,the grinding pressure if offered from stretch device of hydraulic cylinder. In the processing of grinding,materials are got grinding plate’s pressure and shear force at the same time, after materials are been extruded, from the materials bed on the grinding track, then materials on the material bed extrude and the rub together, which cause the corner angle and margin’s desquamation, then grinding powder deeply. After grinding, the material continue to move the edge of grinding plate until overflow outside, there are special design Coulter at the edge of grinding roller,which can lead the material to grinding roller to extrude continually, grinding plate’s rim have induced air rings, the airflow from the high pressure air blower will take the powder from down to up with high speed, then enter to the classifier to control the fineness, the coarse powder drop back the grinding plate to regind, if others can meet the requirement of fineness, will collected by the duster collector and transmitted by the pneumatic transmission to warehouse,then packing it. The large particle will be discharged from the bleed hole, and then the material is taken back to the feeder system of grinder by the belt conveyor.

Flow chart

Vertical Mill Machine 3

  1. Performance and advantages.
  2. Low cost of operation. Use the rollers to grind the materials directly, low consumption, it can save 30%–40% power if compare to ball mill. When the mill is operating,, roller cannot touch the grinding plate directly, and the rollers and scale board are high quality,with long service life.
  3. Environmental protection. When the mill is operating,roller cannot touch the grinding plate directly, it doesn’t have the crash voice,small shaking,low noise, it’s lower 20-25db than the ball mill machine. The vertical rollers use the omniseal system. Negative-pressure production is adopted, being environment-friendly and without dust pollution.
  4. Easy operation and operation stably. The machine has auto control system, remote control and easy operation. It has the stop lock to prevent the cover of rollers touch the scaleboard of grinding plate directly and prevent the destroy impact and violent shake. With the help of roll device, we can put the roller out of grinding plate to exam and change the cover of rollers and scaleboard.
  5. High efficiency of drying. Vertical mill use hot wind to transmit material,when grind the high moisture material, we can control the inlet air temperature to make product meet the standard, the mill can dry material of 15% moisture, it’s used widely. The ball mill only can dry material of 3%–4% moisture.
  6. High quality of product. Material only stay 2-3 minutes in the vertical mill, but stay 15-20 minutes in the ball mill, so we can measure and adjust the chemical element and fineness fast, the product quality is steady.
  7. Vertical mill’s discharging system is forced kind, it can make sure the powder is not over grind-ed. After grind-ed by roller, powder will take away by high speed airflow, fine powder will be collected by dust collector.
  8. Vertical mill’s structure is very simple, it takes less area, easy to install within short time.
  9. Vertical mill assembles crushing, drying,grinding and classification, no need to set extra drying machine and classification.


Testing productSuper fine ground calcium carbonate
Specific surface area cm2/g11000±500135000±50015000±50017000±50019000±500
325 mesh residual0.0150.0150.0100
Less than 2 μm  3438465360
Average grain diameterμm4.
Mesh numbermesh600800125020002500
D97 size distributionμm302520159
Cut point of grain sizeμm8048382818
Moisture  ≤ 0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3
Consumption  Kwh/T38–4040–4547–5350–53110–125

    Testing method

1. Size distribution: use the particle size analyzer of MALVERN 3000.

2. Specific surface area: average grain size exchange. Unit is the relative area of 1g powder.

3. Average grain size: size distribution get the median of grain size.

4. 325 mesh residual: use the wet-type method to put the 1000g powder the through 325 mesh screen, calculate the percentage.

5. Moisture: testing the 5g powder in the 150℃ within 6 minutes, measure the verification.