Production introduction


Surface coating machine is comprised of three coating cylinders where materials and surface coating agents are fed and dispersed by vortex two phase flow. With the help of heat generated physically between the material and the rotor, the material and the agents functions evenly on the powder surface to complete the course of surface coating.

1. powder feeding system   2.coating equipment   3. cyclone collector   4.deduster    5. air blower


1.continuous operation with high feeding capacity

2.highly utilization and low consumption of surface coating agent for various feed size with depolymerization function

4.highly efficient surface coating process

5.vacuum production,enviroment friendly

6.integrated operation with powder grinding mills


It is best for for calcium carbonate,clay,vermiculite,graphite,silicon micropowder and other powder; it can modify powder surface of 800 to 2500 mesh powder and has a certain depolymerization and dispersing function.

ModelPower of

mainc unit(kw)

Power of air blower(kw)Compressed air(m3/min)Capacity


Surface coating ratio

Service & support

With a team of experienced engineers with a strong sense of service ,we devoted to build up a complete customer services system with high efficiency to offer high value-added technical support and professional after sale services for customers.

1. Pre-sale

1)Equipment sizing assistance based on customer’s demand.

2). Assistance in planning the layout of workshop according to the customer’s site conditions.

3)Free design of the foundation drawing and process flow diagram.

4)Guidance on preparatory work.

2. During sale.

1).Strictly control of product production to ensure product quality.

2)Elimination of hidden dangers with strict factory inspectation and traceability system.

3)Providing logistics information.

4)Free guidance on the preparation of equipment foundation.

5)Free guidance for installation and commissioning.

6) Free professional technical training.

3. After-sale.

1)Guidance on various powder production process for customer.

2)Periodic follow-up on device usage.

3)Instructions on equipment maintenance.

4)Solution of relevant problems in the shortest time.

5)Timely and efficient replacement of spare parts.


6)Professional and fast equipment maintenance.