The calcium carbonate CaCO3 content of limestone (common name bluestone) is usually 92-93%, and the appearance is in the form of a block, and the Mohs hardness is about 3. After limestone is mined from limestone, it is pulverized to form limestone particles, which are commonly referred to as stone (sand), or further pulverized to form limestone powder, which is widely used in building materials, highways, metallurgy, and chemical industries.

Limestone is divided into quicklime and slaked lime. After calcination, limestone becomes calcium oxide CaO (common name lime), which is generally in the form of blocks and is used in water treatment, asphalt improvement, desulfurization, building materials, medicine and other industries. The quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become slaked lime (also known as slaked lime). The main component is calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2, which is used in waste incineration, environmental protection, medicine, food and other industries.


Processing technology

Limestone texture is excellent and exposed to the surface, easy to mine and low in development cost, and easy to process and comprehensively utilize. Limestone can be used in many fields after crushing and grinding, and has achieved considerable economic benefits. Therefore, the limestone powder processing industry has gradually become hot in recent years.

Limestone can be divided into four different specifications according to the pulverization fineness: single fly powder (95% through 200 mesh), double fly powder (about 99% through 325 mesh), and three fly powder (about 99.9% through 325 mesh) and four fly powder (about 99.95% through 400 mesh) for different industrial sectors. Single fly powder: raw materials for the production of anhydrous calcium chloride, sodium dichromate, glass and cement, also used in building materials and poultry feed. Double fly powder: raw materials for the production of anhydrous calcium chloride and glass, white filler for rubber and paint, and also building material. Three fly powder: used as filler for plastics, paint putties, plywood and paint. Four flying powder: used as filler for wire insulation, rubber molded products and asphalt linoleum.

Product introduction:

Limestone production line mill is a national patent product developed by our company on the basis of absorbing modern grinding technology and concept. This model adopts a series of new patented technologies such as bevel gear integral transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system and curved air duct. The grinding efficiency is high and the output is increased by more than 20%. It is a replacement for traditional Raymond mill and ball mill. Products are widely used in power plant desulfurization, large non-metallic mineral milling and building materials and chemicals.

Applications:  It is maily used for grinding of limestone, calcite, quicklime, dolomite, barite, talc, calcium carbonate, gypsum, bentonite, kaolin, petroleum coke, coal, etc.


The qualified materials after crushing are uniformly and quantitatively fed into the main machine grinding chamber through the variable frequency belt feeder for grinding. The material after grinding is sent to the classifier by the fan airflow for classification. Under the action of the analyzer, the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements fall into the grinding chamber and are re-milled. The qualified materials enter the cyclone collector with the airflow through the pipeline. Inside, the separation and collection are carried out, and the discharged powder is discharged into the finished product. The separated airflow enters the fan through the return air duct of the upper end of the cyclone. The system operates under positive and negative pressure conditions, and the equipment is equipped with a pulse dust collector, which is environmentally friendly.



 Mature and stable:

More than 30 years of experience in grinding machine manufacturing, 4 generations of mills matured; bevel gears overall drive, powerful power; grinding roller linkage supercharging technology, production capacity, the same power, output increased by 20%.


Reliable technology, investment economy:

It is derived from modern technology and national patent guarantee; it can grind a variety of minerals to meet the requirements of various specifications of grain size; low capital cost, low operating cost, single machine processing capacity of up to 60T / H, investment economy.


Professional configuration:

The new hanging type cage type powder sorting machine, frequency conversion control, finer adjustment is more accurate; isolated type cyclone powder collector, high efficiency of collecting powder; curved air duct, small air flow resistance, not easy to block material, fan efficiency improvement; curved surface can be blade-changing blade has a low wear rate and high utilization rate; non-resistance air inlet volute with  resistance arrangement scheme reduces the economic loss which caused by the system energy consumption.



Feeding materials size(mm)≤10    ≤10     ≤10
Material moisture  %    ≤ 3     ≤ 3     ≤ 3
Finished fineness    mesh325–3000200–2500  200–2500
   micron   3.5–45   5–50   5–50
Output(kg) 500–4000 800–70001700–12000




Main motor75   132  185–200
Classifier   18.5–22    30   45–75
Air blower   45–55  55–75132
Feeder  1.5–3  1.5–3     3
Discharge screw333–6
Air compressor(m3)1.5–222

Note: The above parameters are tested by calcite for reference only,there might be slight differences regarding to different materials.


Power consumption

       YFM-86        YFM-198YFM-318

Mesh No.


Output kgs/H

Power consumption



Output kgs/H

Power consumption



Output kgs/H

Power consumption


   3256000-6500    3010500-12000    30
   4005600-6000    359500-10500    35
   6002000-2200    503800-4200    456500-7200    45
   800  1600-2000    603600-4000    556000-6800    55
   1250  1200-1600    802200-2300    753700-3900    75
   1500  800-1000    1051500-1800   1002500-3100    100
   2500  500-700    1501000-1200   1601700-2000    160
   3000  400-600    170700-900   180