Limestone grinding machine has rolling mechanical properties such as rolling, grinding and impact. It is widely used in talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potassium feldspar, bentonite, kaolin, graphite, carbon and other Mohs hardness 7 Ultra-fine pulverization of various non-metallic minerals below the grade and humidity of 6% is a super-fine pulverizing equipment that is truly efficient, energy-saving and especially suitable for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.


2.Limestone grinding machine advantages.

Large crushing ratio and high energy efficiency:

The non-metallic ore pellets having a feed size of <10 mm are processed to a fine powder of <10 μm (the pass rate is 97%), and the fine powder of 3 μm accounts for about 40%, and the specific surface area is large. It has the advantages of high-efficiency and low-cost production of powder by high-speed impact pulverizer, and product fineness close to jet mill.
Dust collection by full pulse dust collection system:

Environmental protection efficiency is up to 99.9%, which effectively guarantees the dust-free operation of the workshop. Complete cleaning: The pulse dust collection system adopts pulse-jet type cleaning method, which uses compressed air to clean each filter bag separately, and the cleaning kinetic energy is higher and more thorough, thus preventing the long-term backlog of powder, and the powder is on the filter bag for a long time. Retention caused by the filter bag.


Forced Turbine Grading System:
The particle size is uniform and fine, and the fineness of the finished product can be easily adjusted between 0.04mm (400 mesh) and 0.005mm (2500 mesh). Different fineness products are better adapted to market demand and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


Low wear, vibration reduction and compact structure:

The grinding wheel and the grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant steel, and the service life is improved. The main base is made of integral casting structure, which not only ensures structural strength, but also has good shock absorption performance.


3.Power consumption


       YFM-86        YFM-198YFM-318

Mesh No.


Output kgs/H

Power consumption



Output kgs/H

Power consumption



Output kgs/H

Power consumption


   3256000-6500    3010500-12000    30
   4005600-6000    359500-10500    35
   6002000-2200    503800-4200    456500-7200    45
   800  1600-2000    603600-4000    556000-6800    55
   1250  1200-1600    802200-2300    753700-3900    75
   1500  800-1000    1051500-1800   1002500-3100    100
   2500  500-700    1501000-1200   1601700-2000    160
   3000  400-600    170700-900   180




Feeding materials size(mm)≤10    ≤10     ≤10
Material moisture  %    ≤ 3     ≤ 3     ≤ 3
Finished fineness    mesh325–3000200–2500  200–2500
   micron   3.5–45   5–50   5–50
Output(kg) 500–4000 800–70001700–12000




Main motor75   132  185–200
Classifier   18.5–22    30   45–75
Air blower   45–55  55–75132
Feeder  1.5–3  1.5–3     3
Discharge screw333–6
Air compressor(m3)1.5–222

Note: The above parameters are tested by calcite for reference only,there might be slight differences regarding to different materials.


5. Flow chart.