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YFFJ series classifier is a new-type classifier developed by our company for decades. Characteristics: particle size cutting,compact design,adjustable fineness,easy maintenance.

It’s used for classifier non-metal mines, such as calcium carbonate, barite,talc, etc.



Structure of product



Working principle

Classifier and cyclone separator,dust collector,draft fan,control cabinet compose a hierarchy. The materials are fed into via the bottom roller by force of induced draft fan and then mixed with first air to disperse particle and then brought to classifying zone, Owing to the high-speed rotary of classifying rotor,the particle is affected by the centrifugal force produced by the classifying rotor and centripetal force generated from induced draft fan. When the centrifugal force is stronger than the centripetal force,the coarse particle above classifying size fall down from inside roller,and is sieved by second air in the air inlet on the cone, then fine powder is separated from mixed coarse material. The separated coarse material is vented out from discharging device. The fine powder below classifying size flows into cyclone collector with air and solid flow, and then is collected by pulse collector.The purified air will be vented out from induced draft van.

Flow chart.


Performance and advantages.

1.YFFJ classifier has the advantage of high classifying efficiency.which is 30% more higher than that of other classifiers, and can most quickly separately the ultrafine particles from the materials within the d97=5-50 microns.

2.YFFJ classifier featured with strong dispersibility is perfected fro viscous material ,materials of worse fluidity and so on.

3.The classifying range is adjustable within D97=2.5-100 microns.

4.YFFJ classifier can use the machine whose processing capacity is within 4-10 t/h.

5.It forms online operation with other classifiers.

6.YFFJ classifier also can constitute line operation with YFM grinding mill,vertical mill,jet mill and various other grinding equipment.




 YFFJ500  YFFJ 350 X 3 YFFJ 415X5
  Feeding size mesh NO.400-2500 400-2500 400-2500
  Fineness (μm)    3.5      3    5



Classifier     22    15X3   15X5
Air blower     45    75-90    90
Feeder     1.5     3     3
Discharge screw     1.5     3     3
Compressed air needed ( m3)2.5 2.5 2.5

Note:All these parameters here are take calcium carbonate powder as testing sample.,there might be slight difference regarding to different materials.