As an important inorganic non-metallic industrial raw material, heavy calcium carbonate powder/ground calcium carbonate is widely used in papermaking, plastics, coatings, wire and cable industries. Due to the low added value of the product itself, it cannot be like titanium dioxide, rare earth and other expensive powders, these powders have received much media attention. As same as industrial raw materials, their treatments are very different. However, the contribution of calcium carbonate powder to the entire industry cannot be ignored. It is almost everywhere. In our computer cases, wall coatings, plastic furniture, to be exaggerated, we are surrounded by a space made of calcium carbonate materials. Now I will take you to understand the whole process of heavy calcium carbonate/ground calcium carbonate production and how to produce high-quality heavy calcium carbonate powder/ground calcium carbonate powder.





For the crushing and cleaning process, it can be seen from the above figure that the first crushing is performed by the jaw crusher, and then the second crushing is performed by the hammer crusher. There is also a cleaning process in the crushing process. Just now, there is no need to worry about the sand on the surface of the stone. After being broken twice, the stone becomes a small granulars with a diameter of a few millimeters, waiting for the next process.



What kind of grinding equipment to choose for processing also plays an important role  to calcium carbonate powder’s quality. Different fineness of powder should select different milling equipment: Raymond mill is best at producing about 400 mesh powder mainly supplied to paper factories. The advantage of Raymond mill is big capacity.  Ring roller mill is the best choice for the production of 800-2500 mesh ultrafine powder. These powder are mainly used in plastics, coatings and other industries. The ring roller mill has low energy consumption, small footprint, stable quality of powder, and investment is less, easy to operate, a ring roller mill can meet the production needs of various particle sizes from 800 mesh to 2500 mesh. Large-scale vertical mill produces special powder for artificial granite and modified powder for plastics.

In summary, if you want to produce high-quality calcium carbonate powder, first important thing is you must ensure high-quality raw materials. This is the most important and difficult to achieve, because calcite, marble, and limestone come from the natural resources, and we cannot control their quality.  secondly, choose the right grinding equipment. For 800-2500 mesh powder, choosing a ring roller mill with excellent functions plays a decisive role. Finally, the powder surface can be coated to reduce its oil absorption value to meet the needs of some specific industries.