II. YFM grinding mill

8) It has high-effective cyclone system and dust remover. The dust remover has excellent dust removing effect, it won’t be blocked. The product comes out from the cyclone system and the dust remover can do both separately packing or gather together then do packing.

9) The main body and its electrical machinery are installed separately to make sure the grinding machine can work more stable.

10) The grinding motor is controlled by a soft starter. By this can save powder and give a better protection.

11) The fineness of the product can be transformed quickly if you want to produce the different products in different particle size; the stability of the product is good.

12)Low investment cost and high output efficiency. Compared to ball mill, air-flow mill and stirred mill, YFM grinding mill has the advantages of lower investment and shorter processing circle, and its finish fineness/efficiency ratio is more than twice that of the machines mentioned above for the same fineness.

13). Low maintenance cost and simple operation. Compared to Raymond mill, YFM grinding mill has no bearings but the high-hardness wear-resistant material developed by our company within the grinding chamber, which not only avoids chronic consumption of oil and burnt bearing but also guarantees the continuous and reliable operation of the machine.

14). This equipment is sophisticated and stable. Continuous improvements have been made within the decade since the establishment of our company;the complete machines from its materials, its processing to its assembly , is completely self-produced, which forms as the benchmark for the crushing industry and becomes the one being simulated at domestic market and oversea market.

15). YFM grinding mill’s grinding spares use special wear-resisting material, spares’ life time is very long.