When the bearing temperature is high, the following problems should be solved first.

1. Improper refueling quantity, too much or too little lubricant:

The bearing housing should be refueled regularly in accordance with the requirements of the job. After the bearing is refueled, sometimes the temperature is high, mainly due to excessive refueling.

At this time, the phenomenon is that the temperature continues to rise continuously. After reaching a certain point (generally about 10 ° C to 15 ° C higher than the normal operating temperature), it will remain unchanged and then gradually decrease.

2. When the added grease does not meet the requirements or is contaminated:

The selection of lubricating grease is not suitable, it is not easy to form a uniform lubricating oil film, it is impossible to reduce the internal friction and wear of the bearing, the lubrication is insufficient, and the bearing temperature increases.

When different types of grease are mixed, chemical reactions may occur, causing the grease to deteriorate and agglomerate, reducing the lubrication effect.

Contaminated grease will also increase the temperature of the bearing. Dust will fall into the process of adding grease, which will cause grease pollution, which will cause the internal grease of the bearing box to deteriorate and damage the bearing lubrication, and the temperature will rise.

Therefore, suitable grease should be selected, and the bearing box and bearing should be cleaned during maintenance, and the refueling pipeline should be inspected and cleared. Different types of grease should not be mixed. If replacing other types of grease, the original grease should be cleaned first. Operation and maintenance Add grease regularly, and the grease should be stored properly to prevent moisture and dust.

3.When insufficient cooling:

Check whether the pipeline is blocked and whether the inlet temperature and return water temperature exceed the standard.

If the cooler is not selected properly and the cooling effect is not good enough to meet the requirements, it should be replaced in time or a new cooler should be installed in parallel. Axial draft fans should also check the insulation and tightness of the core.

4.When none of the above problems exist, check the coupling:

The alignment of the coupling must meet the process standards. In the axial flow induced draft fan, hydraulic coupling, etc., the problem of thermal expansion of the equipment during operation should also be considered.

Due to the thermal expansion of the impeller side of the induced fan, the bearing box rises; the temperature of the fluid coupling increases during the operation of the bearing box. The bearing box expands and the bearing rises, so the motor should be higher when the timing is adjusted. Depending on the temperature parameters during operation.