There are many reasons for the high bearing temperature of grinding mill,main features are as bellow:

  1. Lubrication has a significant impact on bearing life and friction, wear, vibration, etc. Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. According to statistics, about 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication.

The effects of lubrication on bearings include:

1) Prevent metal corrosion;

2) Prevent foreign objects from entering and play a sealing role;

3) Dissipate frictional heat to prevent the bearing temperature from rising too high;

4) Reduce friction and wear and extend bearing life.

  1. Bearing wear.

Bearings are important parts used in grinding machines, and some machines (such as crushers) have a lot of dust in the working environment. When some fine dust enters the high-speed bearing housing, the lubricant or grease in the bearing housing deteriorates. , Poor lubrication, which in turn causes bearing wear.

Bearings continue to run under wear and tear. As friction increases and heat increases, bearing temperatures rise.

  1. Improper installation.

Improper installation is another important cause of bearing heating. Because the correct installation of the bearing has a direct impact on its life and the accuracy of the host, it is required that the centerline of the shaft and the bearing hole coincide when installing.

If the bearing is installed incorrectly, the accuracy is low, and the bearing has deflection, and a torque will be generated when it rotates, causing the bearing to heat or wear. In addition, bearings will also generate vibration and increase noise, which will also increase the temperature rise.

  1. Insufficient cooling.

Insufficient cooling usually manifests as: blocked pipes, inappropriate selection of cooler, poor cooling effect, etc.

Fouling and clogging of the cooler of the lubricating pipeline will cause the cooling effect to deteriorate, especially in summer production. This problem is particularly common. Individual manufacturers do not hesitate to increase or parallel coolers in series to enhance the cooling effect.

The scale of the cooler is serious, and the situation of frequent bearing temperature alarms will be encountered in many production sites. A more effective treatment method is to pickle and descale the cooler before summer.

  1. Large vibration.

For example, the process of correcting the coupling does not meet the requirements, the rotor has dynamic and static imbalances, the foundation rigidity is poor, the ground is weak, the rotation stall and surge are present.


Some rotors are subject to the corrosion of the medium or the wear of solid impurities, or the shaft is bent, which will cause an unbalanced centrifugal force, which will cause the bearing to heat and vibrate, and the raceway will be seriously worn until it is destroyed.

  1. Check the replacement is not timely.

If the bearing is found to have severe fatigue peeling, oxidation rust, worn pits, cracks, or excessive noise that cannot be adjusted, if it is not replaced in a timely manner, it will cause the bearing to generate heat, abnormal sound, and vibration, which will affect the normal produce.

In addition, vibration caused by improper disassembly of bearings and loose anchor bolts of the equipment will also cause indentation of the bearing raceways and rolling elements, and cracks in the inner and outer races of the bearing. During the running of the bearing, it should be inspected according to the prescribed cycle.

  1. Poor bearing quality.

Rolling bearing parts work for a long time under high alternating contact stress in the form of point or line contact. The accuracy, life and reliability of the host are largely determined by the bearings, so we must pay attention to inspection in the purchase and acceptance of bearings, using qualified high-quality products from regular manufacturers.


  1. Improper bearing selection.

When selecting a bearing, you should pay attention to the limit speed and load capacity of the bearing. You cannot use it at an excessive speed or load, because it will only shorten the service life of the bearing.