On thanksgiving days, we had a visit to our old customers to show our appreciation. This customer has cooperated with us for 15 years, and they used our first grinding mills in 2003, it was our first grinding mill since production. At that time, nobody knew our ginding mills, since this customer used our products and gain very good feedback to our products, from then on, more and more calcium carbonate manufacturers come to give orders to our products.  In this special day, we came to this customer to show our honest and deep apprecistiom to them.

This factory was build in 2003, it was a very small manufacturer for calcium carbonate powder, now they have become a very big manufacturer in this industory, they have two big factories now, one in Guangzhou and the other one in Fujian,  besides calcium carbonate powder, they have developed paint, filler master batches, putty powder, glue for tile and some other products which are related with calcium carbonate powder.

When we walked to their warehouse, we can see big trucks waiting in queue for loading, their production manager told us from Novemebr to January is their busy season, ginding mills will worked for 24 hours every day, workers works in three shift, a lot of trucks will wait outside the warehouse for loading.