Introduction about roller mill

Roller mill is a new kind of grinding mill depending on its technology, R&D capability and referring to similar products’ advantages home and abroad. It has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as rolling, grinding and impacting, resulting to very high out put, consistence in quality out put,  lower energy consumption, long operating life and ultimately economical operation. According to client  requirements of  finished product, our company can provide diverse and customized solutions. to help clients produce customized powder products. This  is a perfect choice for customers who prefer high return from their investment. It is mainly composed of feeder, main mill, classifier, pulse collector, high-pressure fan, electric control device and other parts.

What is roller mill’s working principle?

When operating, the raw material is fed continuously from the input system into pulverizing chamber, the material will be fully pulverized after impacting, pulverizing, grinding and concussion by the grinding wheel; then the pulverized material is conveyed to the classifying chamber to be classified according to their particle size. The qualified particle will go into cyclone separator through grading wheel, and then go out to be product. A little unseparated powder will be collected by high-effective dust collector then putout to be qualified product. During this period, the whole system is working under negative pressure, the air which is cleaned by dust remover will go out through high-pressure air-introduced machine, and no dust will out to the air.

What is roller mill’s advantages?

Roller mill can smoothly produce ultra-fine powder, and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80 mesh to 3000 mesh.The roller mill production  line designed an open-circuit system, which effectively reduces the heat generated by the grinding of the machine body, so that the powder quality is better, and the whole set of equipment is more stable. The operation in the grinding cavity is safe and reliable. Compared with ordinary mills, there are no rolling bearings and no screws in the grinding cavity of the four-ring, which prevents problem of  damages to bearings, other seals and avoids the easy loosening of screws. . The complete operation is Environmental protected and pollution-free.


What are the roller mill’s features?

  1. Low noise and vibration.

  2. High pressure (28 grinding rollers with  four layers grinding roller ring groove) gives more fine powder.

    3, Wear and tear of Ring roller grinding ring and grinding roller are uniform, very  long life of components, Almost 3-5 times compare to ordinary raymond mill.

   4. Suitable for the processing of hard materials.

   5. The iron content in the micro powder is negligible.

  6. ​​The output of fine powder is high, and it can be operated continuously without affecting the oil filling of the spindle bearing chamber during.

  7. Low power consumption, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance.

   8. There is no blade feeding in the ring roller grinder, which reduces the incidence of failure.